We developed and launched a business model from Colombia with global impact, reducing plastic pollution and extreme poverty with a sustainable business strategy.

Transformation is our thing

We focus on pragmatic solutions. Bricks & Blocks, our construction system, literally transforms plastic that harms the environment (us included, of course) in safe, comfortable houses, affordable school facilities, health centers, storage centers and other solutions. And, on the other hand, The Way, our empowerment program, transforms lives through a sustainable methodology that does not give the fish but teaches how to fish.

Our business model seeks to connect as many actors in society as possible, as we understand that plastic pollution is everyone's responsibility. At the same time, the eradication of poverty would benefit us all equally.

We build and constantly expand a participation platform so that Governments, NGOs, Companies, Universities, and Citizens interested in contributing to this impact can join in at various levels and thus allow the scalability of the benefit.