From waste to shelter

Bricks & Blocks is a construction system made of 100% recycled plastic.

Not only is it a solution to mitigate pollution, but the system also transfers the main benefits of plastic as a material, offering a very competitive alternative due to its characteristics.

The best of plastic in the correct use

When you build houses, schools, and industrial solutions using plastic as the primary material, you transfer outstanding features to the structure. Your projects will have, for example, a remarkable insulating power that minimizes the transmission of energy, heat, and fire; or an extraordinary inability to create decomposing environments conducive to bacteria and fungi.

A team with a circular vision

  • Four days of labor to assemble: Three adults with basic training are enough.
  • 3000 tons of recycled plastic: A 50 cm brick is 3.3 kg of collected material.
  • No decomposition: Do not deal with bacteria or fungi.
  • Low energy transmission: Natural-conditioned spaces because of heat and could stay outside.
  • Fireproof: Our bricks are not firewood.
  • Aseismic: A light and flexible structure.
  • Modular system: Expand as you wish.